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We value being proactive with our client, including our pricing. In our initial meeting, we will discuss pricing based on your current service needs. We believe in two-way communication as the engagement progresses regarding any significant unexpected work and potential changes to pricing as a result. We believe in the inherent value to the client of every engagement and our fees reflect this.

You should like to spend time with your accountant (we understand this may feel like a strange concept). We have a goal of trying to do business with people we like and you should too. You have your choice of accountants, so we believe in the “right fit” meaning the right client for the right partner in the right firm.

We are complementary partners within the same firm meaning we can offer both the delivery of required financial statement and taxation compliance combined with consulting services to assist in taking your business to the next level, as needed.

We are approachable, passionate, responsive, proactive, and hands-on.

Our skillset is built on strong resumes of firsthand experience combined with entrepreneurial backgrounds to more acutely understand the needs of the small to medium sized business owner.

We know that you’re looking to continually improve your business and are developing plans for the future.

These may include:

  • improving profitability through an increased understanding of financial information;
  • expanding your business by way of a new market, bidding on contracts, acquisition or increasing resources;
  • developing a plan to staff your business;
  • reviewing software options to improve reporting;
  • transitioning your business to new owners or family members; and
  • working collaboratively with your financial advisor team consisting of your lawyer, accountant, banker and investment advisor.

This is what we mean by levelling up your business and we can help.

Our services are aimed at improving organizational efficiency by reviewing and recommending on current financial processes and improving organizational decision making by providing staff and board members with budgeting and financial reporting tools to better understand and act upon the financial information.

Our right fit approach means that we’re happy to tell you when we don’t think we’re the accountants for your needs.

For non-complex personal tax returns, this may mean that on our first short call, we refer you to someone more suited to your service needs.

Having said that, becoming your business advisor means we want to be able to take care of all of your accounting needs to gain the full picture to help you make confident financial decisions. As a business owner client, you can expect that we will prepare your personal tax return.

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